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Gretna 100, Quintinshill Crash

The ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign of World War One was short and bloody.  But for some Leith soldiers death would come before they left Scotland.  Heather Thomson investigates how the sacrifice of the 1/7th Battalion of the Royal Scots is being remembered. Continue reading Gretna 100, Quintinshill Crash


War Poet Poppies

When the War Poets Collection at Edinburgh Napier University arranged to display one of the famous Edinburgh book sculptures they got a surprise.

The anonymous artist had gifted them poppies for Remembrance Day.

Here is an interview with Catherine Walker, the curator

Click here War Poet Poppies

Guess where?

This amazing gilded bird of prey can be seen outside Gladstone Land, a National Trust of Scotland property on the Lawnmarket stretch of the High Street.

‘Gled’ is an old Scots word for a red-tailed kite, which can often be found nesting among ‘stanes’ or stones.  Gladstone or Gledstane refers to this gilded bird and is a symbol of the building that was once the home of wealthy merchant and landlord Thomas Gledstanes.

The property consist of a number of restored rooms and a shop which give an idea of how people in 16th C Edinburgh lived.

To protect the furniture and interiors there is no heating in the building so it’s only open for visits during the Spring and Summer months.

National Trust for Scotland

P.S. The Jolly Judge is just down the next close if you fancy a refreshment.