Black Pudding

A world-renowned delicacy, it’s  one of the finest blood puddings the world.

It’s also one of many traditional meat products and cuts that W.M. Christie Family Butcher of Bruntsfield Place are proud to stock.

A fifth generation family butcher established in 1889, they are a southside Edinburgh institution – and the shop interior is still decorated with amazing Victorian painted tiles.

Stornoway Black Pudding now has Protected Geographical Indicator status so it can only be made in a small area of the Isle of Lewis.

In fact black pudding can be dated from antiquity,  in Homer’s Odyssey, possibly written in the mid 750’s BC (Book 18 lines 43-45):

“Listen, you bold suitors! Here’s what I tell you:
some goat’s stomachs lie on the fire where we put them, bloated with fat and blood where we put them.”

If that doesn’t put you off your food why not down it with a dram or a pint of Deuchars IPA from the local Caledonian Brewery.


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